HACCP Plan development & maintenance- A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP plan) must be developed by each food establishment and tailored to its individual product, processing and distribution conditions. This plan is meant to identify hazards within food product(s) and process(es) to be sure hazards are being controlled. The control points that are identified in a HACCP plan help to ensure food products are safe for consumers!

We will help you create and maintain a HACCP Plan with regard to current industry standards.

Food Safety Plan development- Today’s food regulations have changed to be more preventative in nature. A food safety plan will help to be sure you are in compliance with these new regulations and helps companies to plan for how to deal with food safety issues  before product gets to consumers.

We will help with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance, development, & maintenance specifically creating and maintain a Food Safety Plan.​

GMP and GFSI audit readiness- GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)  are required for the manufacturing food products. GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives) certification schemes include SQF, BRC, IFS, FSSC, GLOBALG.A.P. and BAP and CanadaGAP and are required by most retailers in order to sell product in their establishment. All of these are yet another layer of protection for food and beverage products on the market to be safe for consumers.

We will help you know what to expect for your upcoming audits!

Product development- Food Science principles and creativity come together when a new product is conceptualized.

Savour will help your company with the development of new products—from concept to bench-top and through scale-up manufacturing!​

Product commercialization- In order to get product to a get to  a consumer it has to be ready to be commercialized for efficiency and cost savings at full scale. See Product Development for stages from concept to scale up. We will help you take you through the process of getting your product or service introduced into the market for mass production and adoption. 

Sensory evaluation- Sensory evaluation uses the human senses for the purposes of evaluating consumer products.

We will help you to evaluate your products today!

Nutritional evaluation & Ingredient labeling Nutritional analysis is performed on a product or formulation to provide the raw nutrient values for a given product. 
We use extensive database and food science experience to calculate accurate nutrition facts.

We will help you with all your nutritional needs whether it is for R&D testing or regulatory compliance purposes!

Menu / menu-board labeling- FDA’s menu labeling regulations are required today.

We will help you to determine the calories and nutrition information required including: serving size, preparation considerations and ingredient supplier specifications sheets.

Listeria detection and mitigation-A number of Listeria outbreaks in recent years have lead to an industry concern.

We will help you to prevent and mitigate procedures into existing sanitation, operation and testing programs.


QMS Technology Evaluation & Implementation-Quality Management Systems (QMS) are great for collecting and analyzing quality and food safety data to save time and money.

We work with several technology partners to bring you the best
package for your company.

No limit services - If you have an idea of a special project or innovative approach, we will work with all our experience and partners to help solve even the most unique problems.

Savour is the best Holistic Consulting provider for you!

"A Holistic Approach to Food Safety & Quality Consulting"

What We Do...

Writing and/or review of HACCP, SOP, SSOP and policies and procedures; development of special food safety projects for employees and consumers; conduct Holistic GAP analysis of food safety throughout food businesses and service/product provider businesses supporting the food industry.

Consulting & Technical Services